Author and sons. From left to right, Greg, Dean (Just graduated boot 8/8/08) and Colin, his younger brother.
Everyone wants to write a novel! Everyone has a story in them. At least that’s what I’ve been told. I am not unique in this; I have many inside just waiting to get out. So far, four have succeeded.
This odyssey began in 2002 on a whim. My intent was to write a book. Simple as that.
As a first step I began with the line, “T minus 3 and counting.” Some of you may find that line in my first book, Light Of A Distant Star. I spent years on that single tome, and from one it grew to three and the trilogy, Unknown Country. And since publishers are reluctant to take a chance on new authors, (believe me, I tried many times and many different avenues to attract a traditional publisher or agent) I did what any aspiring writer would do, I started my own publishing company and self-published my work. But me being me, I didn’t take the conventional approach, I published four at once.
Welcome to Unknown Country and the writings of Gregory J. Saunders. My genre choice is Adventure with a taste of Sci/Fi and a dash of Fantasy; not to mention a bit of Horror here and there. And who knows what path I will step onto next. Raised in New Mexico, I live for my family and the high-country. Husband and father (always), outdoorsman (whenever I get the chance), and writer.
Oh yes, I do have a real j.o.b. with the State of New Mexico where it is my honor to serve as the Executive Deputy Director for the Gaming Control Board. Gambling regulation and government politics give me almost as much adventure as one of my novels. I reside in the city, but my spirit is usually chasing elk and my daydreams dance within the wonderful and myriad worlds of fiction. Whether it is with Niloc and the world of Mith-sul-anroth, (Unknown Country Trilogy), or the evil eye of a Zahir, I find life richer with the endless possibilities of the impossible, improbable and incredible.

I give thanks to my wife Jeannie and my boys, Dean and Colin. Thanks for being patient through my passion and thanks for giving me inspiration along the way. After all, Niloc spelled backwards is Colin. When you need names for your characters just look to home.