Watch for what lurks in the shadows and keep a wary eye on the stars!

If other dimensions exist, these other worlds that touch upon our own, is it possible another you exists there as well? Could your dreams be a window into those worlds? A portal? Or are these dimensions merely fantastic realms wrought within your dreams?
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The Trilogy
A Story Of True Horror!       
ISBN: 978-0-6152-0754-4
Library Of Congress: 2008928886
6x9 Perfect Bound
ISBN: 978-0-6152-0756-8
Library Of Congress: 2008928887 
6x9 Perfect Bound

ISBN: 978-0-6152-0757-5
Library Of Congress: 2008928888
6x9 Perfect Bound

ISBN: 978-0-6152-0755-1
Library Of Congress: 2008928889
6x9 Perfect Bound



The novella, Zahir, by Gregory Saunders is a great, quick read I could well imagine being made into a movie.

This novella was packed full of never-ending suspense and horror. The imagery was wonderful and the story just plain good.

Overall, author Saunders did a fantastic job of creating a suspenseful and exciting read which I highly recommend.

9/08 Reviewed by Candace Morehouse, author of Golden Enchantment

If you love adventure with Science Fiction/Fantasy and Horror this is the place.
Unknown Country! The very name conjures distant vistas where anything is possible. Places where beauty and danger reside hand in hand. Situations where nothing is what it seems and humans find far more than they ever imagined, far more than they ever bargained for. Where an innocent action by a damaged alien intelligence (an ancient ship of war) forever changes the destinies of humans and aliens alike, shattering a fragile world and sending it hurtling towards Armageddon. Where one human on a planet far from home may fulfill a legend long awaited by its humanoid clansmen, and where that same human may unwittingly bring genocide to the inhabitants of an entire world.
Welcome to Light From A Distant Star, Light Of An Alien Sun and Light Of The Home World. A trilogy of adventure in Unknown Country!
There may be a menace in that far country, so pristine and peaceful. In Zahir, a rescue team is plunged deep into the Amazon where evil awaits. What happens when speculation strikes too deep and wakens the Zahir, the one with the evil eye? When every shadow holds a terror survival is not an option!
Unknown Country is always just beyond the horizon or around the next bend in the road. It allows me to create new worlds, generate wonder, adventure and danger. My current projects are Light of An Inner World and Chalin’s Conundrum. The first a continuation of the adventures of Mac Crowe begun in the Unknown Country trilogy.  The second, a story of a stranded alien with few choices. All bad and all leading to the end of life as we know it on earth.  

Thank you for stopping by and please come back and see how the stories progress, and above all, watch for what lurks in the shadows and keep a wary eye on the stars.


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Gregory J. Saunders
Original Artwork by Andres Rodriguez
Cover Designs by Gregory J. Saunders